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      滤芯过滤器( 保安、精密过滤器)是一种高精度的过滤装置,主要由壳体和滤芯组成。产品主要用于前置处理,广泛用于电子行业、污水处理、饮料、食品、纯水处理等领域,也可用做家庭净水器使用。

      HPCF cartridge filter is a filter system wish high precision. It consists of the housing and cartridge elements, mainly used in pretreatment. It can be widely used in electronic industry, sewage treatment,beverage, foods, pure water treatment, also it can acts as home water purification equipment.



      最高工作温度: 45℃,顶盖上预留的排气阀及压力表安装孔的螺纹尺寸为: G1/4" ,配公制压力表需要订购转接头。

      It can install all material; all precision's cartridge 5 PCS or 3 PCS, which I.D. is 28-30mm, O.D.is 60-70mm.

      The highest working temperature is 45℃, The size of the two holes in the lid of the filter is G1/4". If the thread of the pressure gauge is metric standard, should add an adaptor.


      产品优势/Product Merits

      • 1、本过滤器采用UPVC材质,部件一次成型,标准化生产,更换、维修方便。
      • 2、本过滤器进出水口在同一水平直线,连接有1.5” 或2”的由令接头,视觉美观、整齐。
      • 3、过滤器布水采用从过滤器底部中心往上向四周均匀布水,滤芯受冲击阻力小;顶部装有排气阀,便于过滤器中空气排出。
      • 4、过滤器底部系统与顶部滤芯定位压紧板均采用一体式设计,滤芯的安装并压紧既容易又可避免内漏现象。
      • 5、A款过滤器封盖与本体连接采用宽螺纹连接密封,既确保过滤器完好的密封性能,又给更换滤芯的拆装带来了方便和快捷。B 款过滤器采用吊环螺丝法兰式密封,使过滤器能承受更大压力。
      • 6、过滤器为UPVC材质成型,具有较强的耐腐蚀性,能用于不锈钢不能代替的化工行业,更能体现它的经济价值和实用价值。
      • 1.All the parts of this series filters are made of UPVC material.
      • 2.The inlet and outlet are in the same line, which connected with the pipe is adopta 1.5”or a 2”union.
      • 3.The distribution system of HPCF filters is distributed from bottom to top. Water is well-proportioned with small strike to cartridges and air is easy to be discharged.
      • 4.The bottom system of HPCF filter is designed together as a whole with the top localizer & closure system.Catridges are easy to be installed, push down and closed, preventing leaking inside.
      • 5.A series: The lid and the body are connected by a nut. Ensure a good seal performance.B series: The lid and the body are connected using eyebolts flange method, ensure the filter can stand higher pressure.
      • 6.HPCF filter is corrosion resistant, It can be used in SS-none-replace field .