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      HXP bag filter system is a new filter system. It is character with high precision, big flow, easy installation and maintenance. So it can be widely used in the field of liquid treatment: foods,cosmetic, chemistry, medicine, textile, etc. It consists of the housing, support basket ,and the filter bag..


      工作原理/Operate Element

      • 要过滤的物体从进料口流入,液体从滤袋内流向滤袋外,经过滤器下出口流入指定容器内,滤除的颗粒杂质被拦截在滤袋中,确保更换滤袋时不致污染下流液体,滤袋更换后可继续使用。
      • The liquid which will be purged should be poured into the bag filter from the inlet, then the liquid flow from the inner surface of the bag to the outer surface. At last, it will be come into the appointed tank. On reverse, the impurity will be held up in the bag. The filter can be recycled when changed another new bag.

      产品优势/Product Merits

      • 1、UPVC材质的过滤容器耐腐蚀性强;
      • 2、独特的压板卡扣密封装置,使系统更加安全可靠;
      • 3、采用独特的过滤设计技术,有效防止滤袋陷入滤篮内的可能,确保100%无溢漏;
      • 4、结构紧凑,外表美观、安装操作简单、占地面积小;
      • 5、过滤精度高,过滤范围为0. 5~200微米;
      • 6、单位过滤面积的处理流量大,容污量大,过滤效率高;
      • 7、与国外进口袋式过滤器相比,价格优势显著。
      • 1、UPVC material has good corrosion resistant.
      • 2、The unique seal system makes the filter more safety.
      • 3、It can prevent the bag plunged into the support basket, no inner leak.
      • 4、Good appearance and compact inner construct.
      • 5、High precision, the filter range can be from 0.5~200um.
      • 6、High eficiency of filter: quick flow of liquid, big capacity of impurity
      • 7、The price is more competitive.